11 May 2017

Bitlocker everything - Store your bitlockerkeys in Onedrive

I was fooling around with bitlocker the other day and needed a way to store my bitlocker key other than on an external drive or USB drive and especially something else than printing them.

Right click on the physical drive you want to bitlocker and select "Turn on bitlocker".
Then your asked where the bitlocker recovery key has to be stored.
The first options that is presented turned out to be the most excellent one.

Save to your cloud domain account.
Now you might think that you need an Azure joined machine, this is partially correct.
If your machine is Azure Active Directory domain joined your bitlocker keys are stored in the "Devices" section in your account, you can the key under the details of your device.

But if you're not Azure domain joined but do have a Onedrive account setup than it will save your bitlocker key in your Onedrive.

Eureka, this means there is no more reason to not use bitlocker on your personal computers.
Knowing that in the case of theft or loss your data will not be compromised.
And the recovery key can be accessed fairly easy through this site:


Now this site is not accessible from your onedrive site directly, you won't find a link to it there, you have to know it and type it.

Here's what it looks like:

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